Fun and interesting facts about me and this site.

I became the ‘unofficial’ hoarder of family memorabilia a number of years ago because when someone said ‘Does anyone want this old stuff before I throw it out’ I would volunteer to take it. This means that my wife has to put up with dozens of old smelly boxes of pictures and knick knacks in the basement.

A number of years ago I became enamored with the family tales of the ‘Rockmere’. Stories of the high society parties and famous guests were occasionally mentioned over dinner at my grandmother Libbys’ table.

When I caught the ‘bug’ about the hotel a number of years ago; this was one of the first websites I ever built. Over time I collected most of the available versions of the vintage Postcards of the hotel. I have also gotten a couple of the serving plates and a local sign from the Online yard sale known as eBay. But, I sometimes get ‘surprise’ gifts from family members. I received blueprints for the Fo’Cas’le addition a few years ago and still need to get them scanned in to post.

The hotel maybe gone, but the memories are a cherished part of our family history. For many years I have created Christmas gift souvenirs for the family from the Rockmere. Including coffee cups, tree ornaments and specialty postage stamps to keep the legacy alive.

I hope you enjoy the site and can get a glimpse of what a summer resort hotel must have been like back in the day.

Thank You,

Brad Smith, Proprietor
Virtual Rockmere Hotel